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Pop-up Flashback

A play by Joseph Coelho

A family show for 6+ and over
Enter an imaginative world of memories through poetry and incredible pop-up books in this funny and heart-warming adventure of complicated families and growing up.

Sebastian’s memories aren’t like everyone else’s. His are wonderful poetic memories from the pages of his colourful pop-up books and the treasure trove of his imagination. He remembers troll kings and mermaid queens, deep sea diving super heroes and city smashing dinosaurs. But there’s only one memory that takes particular pride of place. It is of the very special gift that his Dad bought him…..

You’re invited to enter a world of beautiful, thought-provoking poetry with incredible pop-up books of every imaginable shape and size. This quest through childhood for 6-10 year olds and grown-ups alike comes from
Word Pepper, the team behind the enchanting The Poetry Joe Show.

Pop-Up Flashback has been developed in association with Half Moon Theatre and Apples and Snakes.

Performances last 50 mins (no interval).

Produced by WordPepper Theatre Company.

Part of Half Moon Presents.