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Kilburn Library, Brent

Kilburn Library, Brent

Kilburn Library is a beautiful redbrick on a buzzy high street that is particularly well placed for food. I was here at the invite of Brent libraries to share some of my picture books stories with classes at Kilburn and Willesden Green Libraries and was given a lovely welcome by Librarians Fiona Heffernan and Sudha Patel. The Children’s library came complete with a tiny stage and a Dr Seuss quote… “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Such a perfect message for young readers. The visiting school of years 1&2 students were a delight and joined in all the right places. One of the pleasures of doing my Luna Loves Library Day book event in libraries is that I can hide my prop books made by the uber talented Fiona Lumbers, on the library shelves and so, like magic, books from the story appear and dinosaur roars escape!

After the show I signed up at up to the library and Fiona gave me a beautiful library card designed as part of a competition by a local student.

There was just time for a quick lunch before Fiona swooped me off for another performance at Willesden Green Library but oh what choices of food, an amazing salad bar of lentils and chickpeas and leaves directly opposite and a vegan bakery on the corner! Once fuelled we were off.

Willesden Green Library is very different much bigger than Kilburn, its modern atrium-like space is cool and welcoming. I’ve had the pleasure of touring here twice before with my theatre shows and have always been met with huge audiences in this fantastic inspiring space. Talking with staff I was reminded of the vital role libraries place for communities as they spoke lovingly of their regular customers and told me about those extra roles that librarians play, such as ensuring that those who may need help are directed in the direction of organisations that can help them be they experiencing homelessness or mental health issues, and that’s on top of the day to day role of all librarians: helping us all find much needed resources, research materials, stocking libraries with books yearned for by the local readers, and organising events that enrich the community. It was so lovely to see students come in for my performance with big smiles on their faces as they recognised the librarians that they had seen on many school visits. I am so grateful to all the wonderful staff for arranging my visits and being so welcoming.


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