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Riddings Library, North Lincolnshire

Riddings Library, North Linconshire

Riddings Library


Joined on 15th July 2019


As part of my time at the Power Of Words (POW) Festival in North Lincolnshire (two days performing poems and running workshops at four schools in North Lincs) POW team Sarah Tippler and Emma Wilkinson had arranged for me to have an evening performance at Riddings Library. I have joined a couple of libraries that have share sites with leisure centres such as the brilliant Haltemprice Library In East Riding and it always feels like a brilliant coming together of services, families fresh from swimming lessons pop in to read books, adults about to do pilates drop by to return a much loved novel. Riddings library was a constant buzz of activity and i only just managed to slip into the queue to get the wonderful librarian Lynn to join me up.


My poetry performance at Riddings was a lot of fun, I had an intimate group of children and adults joining in with my MORERAPS poem and sharing their frog memories which include being scared by blue poison dart frogs and in one young man’s garden seeing first hand a microcosm of all amphibeans decline.  The now filled in village pond (a part of his garden) was visited each year by fewer and fewer returning frogs, each generation finding no where to spawn. Which is in short what is happening to amphibians globally as we build and bulldoze and reduce their habitat.

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