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Cleadon Park Library, South Tyneside

Cleadon Park Library, South Tyneside

I managed to visit two libraries in south Tyneside- East Bolden library a thriving community run library with 85 volunteers! As I entered a knit and natter session was in full swing and there was a constant stream of library users. Being a community run library I couldn’t immediately join up here due to data protection issues, though volunteer Adrian was very kind in offering to help me sign up online to have a card sent for me in a few weeks time. This was my first community library and it’s amazing that volunteers dedicate their time and energy in keeping these essential spaces open. Though they did relate that its amazing how much hard work it takes to keep a library open. East Bolden is Looking forward to completing it’s first year as a community run space on 2nd week of November.

I headed to Cleadon Park Library just ten minutes away where I was issued a card by librarians Dawn, Annette, June and got to pose as a second astronaut. The library was buzzing on entering i was in a queue with people wanting to research newspapers and two families who welcomed each other via their little girls- who ran into each other’s arms in a huge delightful hug. I was very sorry to miss the Big bang science party where slime making was in process.

At Cleadon Park I used my new library card to borrow @mralextsmith’s brilliant Mr. Penguin The Lost Treasure.

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