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Wakefield Library, Wakefield Libraries

Wakefield Library, Wakefield Libraries


Joined 5th July 2019

Wakefield Library is a very impressive new build, on entering the vast cube shaped building you are struck by how bright it is inside as you enter a light flooded atrium with a museum on the ground floor and a huge set of steps taking you up to the library where museum exhibits continue to flow through the space. I was met here by Andy Wright who kindly showed me around pointing out a small lovely model of Peter Rabbit from Wakefield’s Carnegie Library and showing me the huge children’s area with soft colourful seating shaped like paint splurges and a brilliant mural worked created by children in collaboration with artist Lynne Chapman. At the front desk a timetable of free children’s events for the summer holidays reminded me yet again of the important role libraries play in communities offering not only spaces to read and to research but also places where, more often than not there are free events for families – thinking back to my own childhood, the free aspect of the library made it such an important part of my upbringing – we couldn’t afford expensive holidays or trips away but we could always go to the library. I would have loved to have the events on offer at my local library when I was a kid (though my local library was great and did have many fabulous events). At Wakefield this summer you can take part in an ancient Egypt cookery workshop or try out some circus skills or listen to stories to name just a few of a packed smörgåsbord of delight.


A massive thank you to Andy Wright for showing me around.

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