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on 21st June I will be performing extracts from my one man show ‘Bear’ at the ICA and then again at the Big Chill Festival in August. The show follows the fleeing of an arctic scientist, Sebastian, from thinning ice and the claws of an enormous bear. The research for this show has been fascinating it is apparent that globally bears hold a mystical fascination over the human mind. I have read stories of bears kidnapping and raising children, of helping lost travelers find their ways out of jungles, even of their presence having negative effects on the health of those that cross their path or breathe their air. I must get myself down to London zoo to see one up close, although I must admit a little trepidation, after getting so heavily into their world going to a zoo to see one seems somewhat disrespectful.

I had a script meeting with my director Annette Mees the other day who has asked some fundamental questions about the themes in the piece such as nature, man, civilisation and how they clash. Being a great fan of the action I’m particularly interested in what happens when discordant elements meet. this was wonderfully portrayed in a recent visit to see the History Boys where the almost opposing forces of two teachers have dramatic and literal coming together. In ‘Bear’ I want to explore these clashes of elements but not just between man, cold, bear, civilisation, industry, nature but also between actor, audience, light and dark.

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