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Big Chill Festival – Performances

Friday afternoon I was hosting for two of the greats Jean Binta Breeze and Zena Edwards – Audience gathered as Jean related some amazing dub poetry and Zena silked in our ears with that voice like melted butter and her Kalimba.

Saturday Lunchtime i’m in the kids tent performing to a splattering of youngsters poetry about school – one piece ‘School disco’ inspired a young man to get on stage and bless us with his break dancing.

Saturday night I’m back at the ‘Words In Motion’ tent performing an abridged version of ‘Bear’ – my one man play to an audience in the pitch dark.

Sunday I sit in on a workshop led by Jasmine Cooray in the Roundhouse Tent and lay down a piece by means of example of performance to the young-uns before shooting off to try and catch Bill Bailey.

Sunday night – I’m performing ‘Bear’ again, again in the dark. A massive bonfire had just been lit outside and we had to wait before entering the tent for fear of floating burning ash landing on the tent.


For highlights check out…

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