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Bear – Update

Following The success of the scratch performances of Bear over 2008 I’m now organising a re-write of the piece into an hour long play. Bear fever has struck and I have found myself reading about the various types of Bear around the world. I spent new year in India and was hoping to see a Sloth bear whilst on a safari. My partner and I got dangerously close to one – or so we thought as our guide motioned at us with wide eyes to stay back as he tentatively peered into the bush where a large creature could be heard moving. We stayed back hearts thumping in our chests starting to regret our enthusiasm in coming safari despite a lack of appropriate footwear and armed with nothing more than big sticks. The noise got louder and closer until a very skinny man emerged from the bush with fire wood in hand. Despite the relief felt I still want to see a Bear in the wild

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