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Play “What am I?” to improve literacy”

If you like the game 20 questions – where one must guess smothers identity by asking a series of yes/no questions, you’ll love this.

This can work for any age as the students

Ask the students to look around them for something to pretend to be. It might be a pencil, a whiteboard, a tree in the playground. Make sure they don’t say what they have singled out as this will spoil the fun later on.

Once they have chosen their subject get them to write from the perspective (point of view for the younger ones) of that thing. Choose something yourself and give an example. I.e.

A tree

1) Look
I am tall, thin and brown with spiderey limbs. My hands are stretched out to the sky.

2) Mood
I am happiest when birds nest in my hair and rain soaks my feet.

3) Touch
I have hundreds of soft velvety hands and a hard rough body.

Ask the students to read out their descriptions. The rest of the class must then guess what they are. If students are finding it very difficult allow yes/no questions for extra clues.

Let me know how you get along.

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