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Tuesdays are terrific

Tuesdays are terrific
With their “not monday-ness”

Wednesdays are woeful
With their “only halfway-ness”

Thursdays are frilly
With their “on the edge of Fridayness”

Fridays are fantastic (what else?)
With their “It’s Friday!!!! -ness”

Saturdays are too short
With their “woke late-ness”

Sundays are somber
With their “too close to Monday-ness”

Mondays are Moany
Moody and mad
Mondays are manic
Mondays are mayhap
There is no mirth on Mondays
To ever be had
Mondays are mucky
And full of malaise
They will not taste better
With any amount of mayonnaise
Mondays are mythic
With their monsters and minotaurs
Mondays break the alliteration
Mondays are bores.

Inspired by cashier at Liverpool street station “Have a terrific Tuesday”

This is part of a series of poems for the Global Poetry System inspired by snatches of overheard conversation.


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“An Invite From The Queen”
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