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Freecycle poems

I was recently introduced to the wonders of freecycle an online community where people request items they need or offer items they no longer want to other members of the group.

While sweltering in my studio I thought I’d see if anyone had an old fan they no longer want and composed this little request…

I’m a children’s poet who’s getting very hot
I’m baking in my studio and losing the plot

I’m trying to write poems with consistent rhyme
But my pen keeps slipping cos I’m sweating all the time

So I’m putting this request to the freecycle clan
Please, please, please has anyone got a fan???

Not only did I get offers of Fan but offers written as poems – and here they are…

Hello Poetryjoe
Don’t be so full of woe.
We’ve got a fan
For just such a man!
The fan is not Japanese
But it will puff a breeze.
When you have time
Between composing your rhyme,
Give us a call
Our kids will adore
To open the door
To a freecycle man
Collecting his fan.

By Hannah J Parker

I got a fan, it’s here on my shelf
it rattles and wobbles and might mess wiv yer helf
cos I found it one evening just left on the road
but it works
if you want it
just let it be knowed.


Now why can’t all transactions work like that.

find out more about freecycle at

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