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Finding a Praying Mantis in Bangkok


Bangkok is a hectic city and we’re in the tourist centre! Surrounded by touts, bars, and fried insects. Today we escaped to the amazing Chatuchak Market where you can buy anything and everything from puppies to iphone cases to solid carved furniture. Alongside the market is a Childrens Discovery Museum and being a regular @Discover_Story I wondered what this Thai Namesake would be like, alas the building was closed down but from the outside it looked incredible. The Queen Sirikit Park was next door and so we contented ourselves with a walk around its gardens with tailed butterlies, Frangipani trees and huge catfish. Whilst trying to capture a butterfly (on film) I came across a tiny Praying Mantis whose whole world was a flower head. Imagine being small enough to hangout on a flower! As we ventured back to the buzz and whine of the Khao San Rd, our taxi driver placed his hands together as we passed every temple and I was reminded of that mantis and how we all have the power to turn our surroundings, even a taxi on a bustling street, into a flower.

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