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Facing fears, gaining insights


Snorkelling in deep water around Tatchai island- a beautiful white sanded place. We’ve both faced some deep water fears on this trip including some pretty hairy Speed Boat and Speed Catamaran trips across the Gulf of Thailand. Being purely pool swimmers the idea of being in a small boat in the middle of the Andaman sea was pretty scary add to that big waves and lots of tourists being sick and the scary factor goes up somewhat. However each boat journey has led to some amazing sights, Flying Lemurs, Fruit Bats, Water Monitor Lizards, amazing bays, incredible underwater vistas- all testament to the often cliched quote- “Nothing ventured nothing gained” whilst we sat gripping our seats in the rolling waves I found a new respect for the men and women before who ventured into the sea without powerful Yamaha engines, or sat nav or sea rescue, men and women who really did risk life and limb in the name of discovery – kinda put our fears on our little tourist excursion into context and made us realise that whatever you’re doing in life, the great sights, sounds, achievements, (add what you will) require you to move outside of your comfort zone, insist that you grip hold of your seat with waves crashing around you and the sound of wretching fresh in your ears!




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