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Mimosa Pudica – The amazing moving plant!


Mimosa Pudica also known as “shy plant”, “Touch-me-not” and “I died, I lived” I was totally awed when shown this weed on our stay at Mindful Farm in the North of Thailand. Moving plants have always held a fascination, I think ever since seeing Little Shop of Horrors. At Primary school in Balham we had a Venus Fly Trap but they are rubbish as they hardly ever move, this plant however moves immediatly and most satisfyingly and seems to cross the boundary between plant and animal- no one can deny that this plant, that all plants have awareness. This plant has some other properties too, a solution made from its roots can neutralize the venom of the Monocled Cobra, which is great because the Monocled Cobra is a very pompous snake- alas the same solution does nothing for the venom of the Watch-on-chain Python or The Cane-Wielding Boa.

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