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Poison rings and illustrating poetry

Wonderful questions from John O’Leary today about clasps on Ruby Rings as he illustrates my poems for Frances Lincoln Children’s Books Werewolf Club Rules (out 14th August 2014) got us talking about poison rings and rings containing perfume! The Poem in question was Red Ruby Rings that tells the journey of an adventurer over oceans, into pirate ships and through the skeletons of giants. A ring features with a hidden compartment – John wondered if the ring would aide or bidder, poison or surprise! Can’t wait to see what images he creates as a result of our discussion. It’s such a treat to know that such a wonderful illustrator is busy beavering away at illustrating my poems, especially knowing that it’s john as he has such a great eye for detail, but until we get to see the results of his labour here are some of John’s early cover designs for the book. 



Image Image


What would you put in a ring with a hidden compartment if you had one???

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