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2nd draft of play. Done. Poetry edits. Done. Now back to the novel.


Paraphrasing Toni Morrison – Poets write good prose, they just cut up the lines.

Many talk of “headspace” when writing – I have done myself. There is a belief that it takes one “Headspace” to write poetry and another “Headspace” to write prose etc. I have to say I now disagree.

I’ve just finished the 2nd draft for a new play for Polka Theatre, Theatre Royal Plymouth, and York Theatre Royal’s Playhouse Project – a wonderful commission which allows me a cast of 30! A whole class! As the play will be performed by classes of children – it’s a real treat because in these tight times where else does a playwright get to write with a cast of 30 in mind. I’ve loved writing it. Concurrently I’ve been going over edits for my poetry collecting WEREWOLF CLUB RULES (Janetta Otter-Barry Books, August 2014) and making headway into a new novel. I have to say that rather than needing multiple headspaces, I’ve found I just need one. One of focus and concentration and allowing the muse to come. Oh and of course a good cafe with good coffee. Good writing is after all good writing, the form may vary (poets cut, prose-ites stick together, lyricists repeat) but all require that vital skill of listening to the muse and grabbing the images she gently juggles your way.



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