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Superheroes from play turn up in real life!!!


I have a bit of a thing for superheroes, growing up I greedily read Spider-man and Spawn comics and the relatively recent spate in superhero blockbusters that are fairly faithful to the genre’s universe has got me terribly excited.

Superheroes reflect what is best in humanity and our desire to become something greater, this is why they have such resonance with kids. Kids can’t wait to grow up and become amazing adults.

The protagonist of my latest play for the Playhouse Project (Polka, York Theatre Royal,  Theatre Royal Plymouth- summer 2014) also has a bit of a thing for superheroes and they become his frame of reference as he struggles with the break-up of his family and some unusual hair troubles both at home and at school.

It’s funny how the things that play on your minds tend to turn up in life, imagine my thrill at passing the ‘Superhero Coolstuff’ gallery in Malaka, Malaysia just days after finishing the second draft of a play with a hero obsessed youngster. I had to go in and let my younger self have a play. The gallery asked several artists to create work that can be interacted with and so… I got to interact with some of my favourite Superheros.


The next play I’ll be continuing work on is Robin’s Winter Adventure (Pied Piper Theatre Company- winter 2014) here’s hoping winter doesn’t turn up before it’s proper time. If it does I may get mad!


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