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My latest 3 pieces for young People


Having spent the last week on a writing retreat with first Impressions… Its a pleasure to come straight back into work and sharing some new pieces with audiences here some info on 3 of my upcoming shows…


Very excited about the Model Box for Robin’s Winter Adventure which can be seen here (co-written with Tina Williams) this will be touring this Winter (naturally) and has been a pleasure to write with Tina exploring how a young boy’s love for poetry and the challenges he encounters on a magical move from the snowy countryside to London. Given that I am now in my second year of living outside of London for the first time in my life! This piece has been very close to my heart.


Robins Winter Adventure co written by Joseph Coelho and Tina Williams


If you can’t wait until then for some theatre (and poetry) for Young People then I’ll be performing The PoetryJoe Show (created with the hugely talented illustrator/author/paper engineer John O’Leary tomorrow at Stratford Circus (3-6 yrs) as part of its 2014 tour.


Wordpepper’s The PoetryJoe Show Written and performed by Joseph Coelho with Prop, pictures and pop-ups from John O’leary.


If you’re looking for something for older ones then The Last Pearly (7+) written for Lucy Bradley’s Pinhole Theatre will be showing at Richmix on sunday. This piece has been 4 years in the making but this year we were successful in a funding bid. It’s been wonderful interviewing Pearly Kings and Queens and picking the brains of me ole Nan regarding music hall songs. If you fancy a good ole fashion cockney knees up with your 7 plusers come on down…


The Last Pearly by Joseph Coelho

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