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Get a free visit from me in your school


I often visit schools up and down the country through The Poetry Society and performance poetry organisation Apples and Snakes. However I’m aware that not all schools are able to get a poet to visit their school and feel that that is a terrible shame.

I offer free poetry sessions through Skype in the Classroom it’s really easy for a teacher to sign up and free! Once signed up send me a message through the Skype in the classroom message portal and we can arrange a convenient time for a 40 minute Skype session where I’ll perform some poems to your class and hold a Q&A – I’ll also send you a free poetry resource pack containing plans for six fun and active poetry sessions (key stage 2+) that will get any classroom – creating adventure poems, exploring poetic devices and writing poetic worlds.

There are several other great free resources based on my poems online…

A brilliant resource created in partnership with the Poetry Society for keystone 2 and based on my poem “If all the world were paper” can be found here ‘How do poets use language?’

And a wonderful 15 session poetry unit appropriate for years 3&4 and 5&6 created by CLPE can be found here ‘Teaching sequence for Werewolf Club Rules’

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