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A Father’s Fairytale for his daughter

The Poetry Joe Show featured a book of Light poetry and was one of Childrens Theatre Reviews Top Ten Shows for 2015.
“Tree Child” featured a young girl who finds comfort after the loss of her father in a world hidden inside a library. And is listed in Vicky Ireland and Paul Harman’s wonderful book “50 Best Plays for Young Audiences”

Fairytales Gone Bad: GrannyLocks/The Monstrous Duckling features a father returning home to a family he misses with nothing but a fairytale for his daughter and it’s on this saturday at St Edmundsbury Cathedral Gardens at 11am and 2:15pm this coming Saturday (18th June) book here. The show is suitable for little ones 3+.
Would love to see you there- I’ll be holding a book-signing for Werewolf Club Rules (winner of the CLPE 2015 CLIPPA Award) and Q&A after the show.

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